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Martin I. Rotman, DDS

Dr. Martin I. Rotman

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Dr. Rotman attained his DDS degree from the University of Detroit in 1972. He then spent several years serving as a Dentist is the U.S. Navy (stationed in Iceland and Florida) before practicing in Pontiac, Michigan. Dr. Rotman has been providing care for patients in the Los Angeles area since 1978.

He is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA), and California Dental Association, Los Angeles County Dental Society.

He excels at providing beautiful full mouth restorative treatment; utilizing crown/bridge work, implant restorations and porcelain veneers.

Emerging technologies have enabled him to use the best materials possible for beautiful, conservative and long lasting results.

Dr. Rotman has not been stagnant within his chosen field. Over the years he has taken thousands of hours of additional continuing education to become well versed in providing care that will actually improve his patients’ overall health including;

Dr. Rotman provides most necessary root canal therapy that his patients require using the latest in equipment and techniques. This allows for fewer appointments with much better results than in many years past. When necessary, Dr. Rotman does have several excellent specialists available for referral.

Dr. Rotman has taken extensive courses to enable him to provide the latest and most effective results in orthodontics for children and adults. He believes in the "European" based model of early orthopedic intervention to reshape the arches to better accommodate future permanent teeth. Brackets, if necessary, are placed earlier and are effective in a shorter period of time. Using this modality, it is extremely rare to ever suggest bicuspid tooth extraction or head gear to retract the upper arch.
Dr. Rotman is also experienced in providing clear aligner treatment as an alternative to orthodontic braces

Dr. Rotman is one among a handful of dentists who understand what temporomadibular joint disorder (TJMD) really is, how it manifests itself, how to properly diagnose it and most importantly, how to treat the disorder. Most patients respond positively with appliance therapy, no surgery or drugs beyond over the counter anti-inflammatories.

The NTI appliance is an FDA approved, removable intra-oral device that may reduce your frequency and intensity of migraine headaches. Dr. Rotman is able to provide you with this custom fit appliance in one visit.

This list represents a portion of what Dr. Rotman can provide in order to aid in your better dental/physical health. This is a man of conviction who although uses modern techniques, brings a very real, "down-to-earth" approach to his patients. You will know upon meeting him the first time, that his only goal is to help you achieve a positive result. He does not lecture, he informs.

Dr. Rotman remains open to your ideas and suggestions. Questions regarding any procedures or treatment are always welcome.

Dr. Rotman has two beautiful daughters in college. He enjoys reading, working out and running. He is a successful marathoner, having completed the Los Angeles Marathon three times.

Dr. Rotman enjoys unusual cuisines (the spicier the better!) and he will certainly not say no to a great chocolate chip cookie or anything chocolate with coconut.

Most of all, he would welcome you as a new patient, or returning patient, as your partner in better health through dentistry.

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Dr. Harold L. McQuinn and Dr. Martin I. Rotman are dentists providing dental procedures such as bonding,
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Dr. Harold L. McQuinn and Dr. Martin I. Rotman are licensed as a general dentists in the State of California.

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