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Tooth colored inlays and onlays are restorations used in dentistry to repair the teeth in the back of your mouth. Tooth colored materials, most commonly porcelain, are made in a dental laboratory and are designed to exactly fit your own tooth. They are firmly bonded to your tooth so that they restore the strength of the original tooth prior to the damage. They are the treatment of choice when the repair of your back tooth will involve more than one half of the chewing surface.

Porcelain inlays and onlays will provide strength and durability that will protect your teeth from further damage for many years. In addition to their strength, they will match your existing tooth color, making them virtually undetectable to any one other than your dentist! Using a filling when an inlay or onlay is the best treatment, is a compromise which could result in more substantial problems - such as fracture, a root-canal, or tooth loss - in the future.

Dr. Harold L. McQuinn and Dr. Martin I. Rotman are dentists providing dental procedures such as bonding,
invisible braces, implant restorations, and veneers in Los Angeles, CA.
Dr. Harold L. McQuinn and Dr. Martin I. Rotman are licensed as a general dentists in the State of California.

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