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Special Additions

Our practice was one of the original offices that catered specifically to those with overwhelming fears, phobias or anxieties about dentistry. To these special patients we offer a "menu" of modalities to make them more comfortable:

Nitrous Oxide Sedation
Nitrous Oxide Sedation is available during any procedure, including regular visits with our hygienist. This quickly dissipating gas consisting of oxygen and nitrogen makes one "drift" comfortably as treatment is provided. Most people find this level of sedation adequate to take their level of anxiety down almost completely. There are no special "pre-treatment" requirements or any "post-op" concerns. Pregnant woman are usually given permission by their obstetricians to use nitrous oxide.

Oral Sedation
Oral Sedation can be implemented in several ways: A very small dose of an anti-anxiety medication, a sedative, or other low-level narcotic taken 30 to 60 minutes before a procedure may be all one needs to achieve a very sleepy state where treatment may be tolerated due to little or no sensory knowledge of procedure.

There are no "pre-treatment" requirements for using oral sedation. However, we do insist that a personal aide be available to take the patient home as they typically remain very sleepy and will want to go directly home and to bed. Most patients report no problems working as usual the next day. Some people remain slightly drowsy.

*We have the list of medications used; before the first time oral sedation is used, we ask that you check with your personal physician to make sure there will be no contra-indications to your health.

I.V. Sedation
I.V. Sedation is also known as conscious sedation. This is the best way to achieve complete sensory deprivation of procedure as you will not hear, see, smell or remember the treatment performed. Sedation is administered by one of our visiting Board Certified

The patient is monitored during the entire procedure for respiration and heart/blood pressure activity. After the dental procedure is completed, the Doctor slowly and safely brings the patient back to awareness. Although patients sense they are completely awake and aware, they will still be somewhat under the influence of the sedatives used.

Again, we must insist that a personal aide accompany the patient home even though they will probably insist they are perfectly awake. No eating or drinking (accept for necessary medication) is allowed six hours prior to the procedure. There are no eating or drinking restrictions after the procedure.

The I.V. sedation fee is separate and the fee is based upon hourly rates. In our experience, the best candidates for I.V. sedation are those facing major, full mouth restorative procedures or those with severe phobia issues. It´s also a great idea for those whose daily lives are filled with stress; people with high levels of stress often have unpredictable results with lesser sedative type protocols.

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