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Whitening Systems

Special Additions

We offer two different ways to brighten your smile whether you want a whiter, younger look to your existing teeth or you are preparing for front teeth veneers or porcelain crown/bridge work.

A Home Bleaching Kit is the whitening system that has been available for approximately the last decade.

We take impressions of your teeth and fabricate custom rubber trays to fit either or both arches. We give you an approximate 2 week supply of prescription bleaching material.

For at least 2 hours a day you simply put a small amount of material in the trays and wear them over your teeth. The longer you wear the trays, the faster you will achieve results. Some people even sleep wearing their trays.

Most people find they achieve desired results in approximately 2 weeks. We have additional bleaching material available for lengthier periods of bleaching, or for "touch-ups" in the future.

Any teeth that have bonding, veneers or porcelain crowns will not get brighter. Your teeth may eventually get stained or darker again depending on your diet, medications you may be taking, smoking, coffee/tea drinking, etc. You may develop sensitivity if you have tissue recession or other dental issues. Typically stopping the bleaching process for a few days will take care of the sensitivity. You may also ask for supplemental fluoride, which, when applied on a consistent basis, may lessen your sensitivity.

There are no guarantees with this process, but most people do achieve their desired result.

It is done much like the home bleach kit, except the bleaching substance is very concentrated, so we have you in office which enables us to monitor your progress.

Your tissue is "painted" with a special liquid barrier so it will not get sensitive. We still fabricate custom trays and use them filled with the high concentrate bleach material.

The process typically lasts one hour. We do not use special light activators or lip retractors the way some "name brand" in office bleach systems do. All research indicates that our much more comfortable method is just as effective, and lasts as long.

A plus with our method is that you take your custom trays home, so you are all ready for any necessary "touch-ups" in the future. You just need to call us and order some bleaching material.

Again, there are no guarantees with this process, but it’s proven effective, quick and easy.

Dr. Harold L. McQuinn and Dr. Martin I. Rotman are dentists providing dental procedures such as bonding,
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