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Rota-dent System

Special Additions

Rota-dent System is a professional homecare plaque control system dispensed only through dental offices trained in its use.

The system consists of a rechargeable electric toothbrush (available in black or white), plastic tooth-picks in a travel case, 3 removable brush heads, a tongue scraper, the base unit and the charging unit.

Although thorough studies have proven the Rota-dent is the superior choice for plaque removal (even between teeth) and is the easiest on tissue, it is especially important that anyone with implant restorations, bridgework, a history of periodontal surgery, orthodontic treatment or heavy staining use this "prescription" dental implement.

Everyone in our office has been convinced by using it for themselves, there simply is no better tool you can use to maintain excellent oral hygiene and even perhaps prevent some dental problems from ever starting.

The System comes with a manufacturer`s limited lifetime warranty. Due to the manufacturer's guidelines, they will only honor the limited lifetime warranty to Rota-dent systems purchased through licensed dental offices. If you would like to purchase brush heads or any other miscellaneous Rota-dent supplies, click on the following link: Zila Consumer Products.

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