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What Causes TMD?


Many factors contribute to this widely misdiagnosed problem. Here are several prominent causes:

- Genetic predisposition to problems related to the muscles involving chewing and/or skeletal disorders.
- Birth trauma (natural childbirth, worse if forceps used.)
- Being bottle fed, use of pacifiers, sucking of fingers or other objects.
- Tongue thrust pattern when swallowing.
- Trauma sustained to teeth, jaw, neck, head or soft tissues.
- Declining or poor bite relationship including loss or damage of back teeth.
- Poor nutrition.

There are many other indications for a TMJ disorder too numerous and diverse to list. In fact, many physicians (and dentists) cannot agree on what TMJ disorder actually is. In most cases, even diagnosed with “TMJ”, a patient is told they should be on medications because it´s a behavioral problem (clenching, bruxing due to lifestyle and tension, etc.) or, they are recommended for a surgical solution. Drs. McQuinn & Rotman believe the scientifically proven fact that the disorder is real and treatable; often without surgical intervention.

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