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Possible Indications of TMD


When you are experiencing an active, acute episode from TMJ disorder, these may be some of your symptoms:

- Popping or clicking of jaw joint(s). - Very sore inner ears, with no infection.
- Throbbing or soreness near ear or TM joint.
- Facial pain of unknown source.
- Jaw “locking” either in an opened or closed position.

- Migraine headaches – especially those escalating in frequency.
- Waking up with all teeth hurting or throbbing.
- Pain generated from jaw area to neck, ear, eyes or other areas.

When experiencing these or other symptoms related to TMJ disorder, there are things you can do to help mitigate the discomfort. Keep in mind, these are only suggestions for temporary relief. You should see your medical or dental healthcare provider and be properly diagnosed and treated for TMJ disorder. Without proper treatment, your symptoms may become more frequent and grow in intensity.

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