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How We Diagnose TMD


When a new patient contacts our office for a first time TMD consultation, we send out an extensive Head and Neck Pain Questionnaire, along with our standard dental and medical history forms.

The first appointment consists of going over all the forms with the patient in detail, listening to their history of symptoms and an initial exam. The most important aspect in determining how someone´s health is sometimes the easiest: Listen to the patient tell their story, in their own words and without interruption. The information the Doctors are able to get from this initial visit is invaluable. For purposes of getting exact specifics of any disorder, other diagnostics are essential. They include:

1) Transcranial x-rays. (6 jaw joint views)
2) Orthopantogram. (an x-ray that goes around the head, showing the skull)
3) Diagnostic Models. (the only way to see the bite “3-D, outside” the head)
4) Muscle Testing. (electromagnetic way of measuring muscle movement)
5) Jaw Tracking. (electrodiagnostic way of surveying jaw movement/deviation)

In some cases, we ask that patients have several other diagnostic films and/or photos done at an outside lab for further clarification.

In general, we make a follow-up appointment for a consultation with the Doctor approximately one week after diagnostics. At this appointment the Doctor will go over all test results and explain the degree of your disorder (if you indeed have a TMJ disorder). He will be able to outline why you have been experiencing the symptoms you have, which for some people is a great relief – finally hearing that they have a treatable disorder; that they are not just “high strung”, overly emotional or even a hypochondriac.
The Doctor will then present an outline of treatment that is accomplished in phases and is individually prepared for each patient.

About insurance coverage: TMJ disorder is a medical problem, not dental, although most treating providers are dentists. In general, we find that reimbursement from medical carriers to be minimal. Please check with your own medical benefit carrier about TMJ disorder coverage.

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