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How We Provide Treatment for TMD


If evaluation of all evidence shows that you have a TMJ disorder, the Doctor will prepare a treatment plan with fee estimate individualized for your therapy in our office. Since every individual has a unique situation, there is no "boiler plate" formula for treatment. There are some areas that apply to all.

First of all, we give everyone the following options:
1- Accept multi-phase treatment in our office.
2- Do not seek treatment in our office.
3- Seek alternative sources of care.
4- Deal with your symptoms as you have been.
5- Choose to do nothing at time of diagnosis.

Our approach is the European-based Functional Orthopedic/Orthodontic model in treating TMJ disorders; no surgeries, no prescription medications. We count every stage as a "phase", beginning with Phase I. Phase I Therapy will consist of at least two removable, intra-oral appliances. The goal of the first phase is to achieve a healthy jaw joint position with corresponding function. You will have a daytime appliance worn at all times, except while brushing your teeth. As you eat, swallow, speak, etc., you will help establish the healthy position of your lower jaw, the mandible. You will have a nighttime appliance to hold your jaw in a stable condition so that damage cannot occur during sleep. We will attempt to manage and improve your health. We do not use the term "cure" since there may be many variables affecting your health which do not involve your TM joint. Many patients find relief of most of the physical symptoms they initially presented with. There is a small risk that therapy may worsen your symptoms. We have rarely found this to be the case! We ask that you visit our office every 3 - 4 weeks for adjustments on appliances and to check on your progress. We may ask to take progress records such as new joint x-rays, etc. to monitor your exact progress.

Subsequent Phases will address issues as necessary to finalize a stable bite which will be able to support your healthy jaw joint position. The subsequent phases may include any one, or combination of the following; additional orthopedic appliances, orthodontics, crown/bridge work or other dental restorative treatment. It is impossible to determine exactly how long each phase will take; in fact, each phase is dependent directly on the progress of the phase before it. You will also face different options as we near completion of your treatment. In most cases, Phase I Therapy is typically 6 - 12 months in duration. People presenting with very advanced stages of TMJ disorder will need more time and attention.

The final Phase for all patients treated for TMJ disorder is stabilization. Typically, this consists of wearing one of several appliances at night. The specific treatment will vary depending on your specific needs.
Drs. McQuinn & Rotman have achieved many positive results over the last decade utilizing this approach in treating TMJ disorders. Should you decide to seek treatment in our office, we highly encourage you to integrate treatment you receive here with other healthcare providers such as nutritionists, osteopaths, chiropractors and other "alternative" providers to provide an atmosphere of whole-wellness for your body and mind.

We also highly encourage you to obtain two books very relevant to this topic, both books rich in easy to understand, sensible advice to seek and obtain better health in a natural way:

1- YOUR JAWS FOR YOUR LIFE by David C. Page, D.D.S. @ www.SmilePage.com
2- KILLING PAIN WITHOUT PRESCRIPTIOn by Harold Gelb, D.M.D. @ eop inc.:

We also recommend that you visit one of our "favorite sites", ProCaps Laboratories (www.procapslabs.com) for the finest vitamins and supplements available anywhere for your better health.

Drs. McQuinn & Rotman have every hope and confidence that should you choose to seek treatment for TMJ disorder in our office, with your compliance of care and regular office visits, we can help you begin to move from a state of non-health to a state of health.

About insurance coverage: TMJ disorder is a medical problem, not dental, although most non-surgical treating providers are dentists. In general, we find that reimbursement from medical carriers to be minimal at best. Please check with your medical benefit carrier about TMJ disorder coverage for non-surgical intervention.

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